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卡普兰教万博app育基金会万博app3.0an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity initially established and supported by a generous endowment funded by 万博appKaplan,Inc.executives,serves talented community college students who have the potential to become influential in their communities and professions. The Foundation's comprehensive,multi-year commitment to each student includes scholarships,academic advising,tutoring, leadership development,career counseling and other resources needed to help them complete their associate's degrees and continue their studies at competitive four-year universities.

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In 2017,the 万博appKaplan 万博app3.0Educational Foundation's Executive Director Nancy Lee Sánchez accepted City and State's 2017 CSR Award for Philanthropy on behalf of Kaplan and its employees for their support of the Foundation's work.The award recognizes manbet手机客户端3.0individuals and organizations that donate funds,time,and resources to charitable initiatives and the greater good.

Also in 2017,the Foundation developedthe first edition of the Your Guide to College Transferseries,which provides transfer admissions and financial aid information on the top colleges and universities for transfer students across the United States.The guide also includes comprehensive advice on navigating the entire transfer process,from application to enrollment,with additional specialized information for non-traditional applicants like veterans,DACA/undocumented students,and students raising families.In 2018,the Guide received asecond edition,as well as aninstructor's edition.

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